Alfa parts for sale
Posted September 5, 2017

All original and genuine period Alfa spare parts from my private stock since 1963 for sale:
Ultrarare N.O.S. 1600 GTA/SA COMPRESSOR and various castings of distribution, water pump housing for same etc. 4 x Campagnolo 1600 TZ and TI Super wheels, no cracks, excellent!; full set (3) of 1600 TI Super instruments; TI Super driveshaft; complete 1300/1600 GTA/GTAM sliding block rear axle with ATE brakes, LS, excellent; 1600 GTA rev counter and speedo in miles; 1900CSS original big valve cylinder head; disassembled complete and genuine Giulietta 750 SV floor shift 4 speed; alloy air chamber as fitted to twin Webers of Giulietta SV/SZ; Giulietta 1300 cylinder head, 101 series: early 1600 GT/TI engine block, never a serial number stamped; AR 1600 GT and TI Super 5 speed, like new; Inquire: or 0031-6-50668778 (The Netherlands)

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