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History: Just 500 Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 were produced, of those only a small number were in factory “Corsa Competition” specification. The others were “Stradale Street” specification. Of those, only 50 were RHD; many of the Corsa cars were RHD. This car 752533 has an impressive race pedigree with 7 first in class wins, having competed in US Trans Am Series, SCCA Nationals, and other events. It was also taken to the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1970 where it clocked 131.95 mph, which held a class record for several years. The GTA Corsa had the Italian build quality of a Ferrari 250 GTO. It was also one of Alfa Romeo’s most successful competition models, winning the US Trans Am Championship and the European Touring Car Championship.

Condition: The Corsa was prepared by Alfa Romeo’s competition department, “Autodelta” and had a full aluminum body, 1.6L engine with twin spark cylinder head, weber DCOE 45 carburetors and special air intake, producing 175hp. The engine had a magnesium deep finned sump, the transmission was a close ratio and the differential had a limited slip. A magnesium bell housing, and a magnesium gearbox front cover. The wheels were magnesium 7” Campagnolo. Even the Corsa interior was a special, with lightweight dash and seats. Plexi glass windows were on the side and rear. Completely restored by GTA expert Roman Tucker of Michigan. Later maintained by KTR European in Massachusetts, followed by specialists at Sonoma Raceway. It is an outstanding original example i

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