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Pocher Spider Touring GS kit unmolested in original box, excellent condition - rare & unavailable for years. Frostick Alfa Romeo book unmolested in original box, very good approaching excellent condition. Two complete sets of historic Alfa promotional color prints & etchings unmolested in original folder & two incomplete sets, all excellent condition. 1973 Alfa sales catalog very good condition. Two 1985 Vol.2 No.2 75th anniversary Quadrifolgio good condition, interior very good to excellent & one Vol. 2 No.3 very good condition. Two Tipo159 Alfetta Phil Hill photos/poster size from 06/1977 30th Anniversary of Road & Track, unmolested, excellent condition. One 06/1977 30th Anniversary issue of Road & Track featuring Phil Hill & Tipo 159 Alfetta in average nearing poor condition. For sale by former 25 year member AROC Colorado & I can email photos. All quite rare stuff now. For sale individually or as a package, price negotiable - the Pocher kit is quite valuable period, the rest depends on your interest in Alfa history.

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