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History: An example of Alfa Romeo’s design and engineering excellence, the Jr. Zagato was a special build by renowned design house and coach builder Zagato. It was penned by Ercole Spada in 1968 who had designed the famed TZ in 1963, the small nose, raked windscreen and kamm tail were obvious carry over concepts. Unique was the Plexi Glass front panel with just an Alfa Romeo shell cut into it and the hatchback rear window, which opened with an electric switch. The main body was steel, while the front hood and doors were aluminum. The interior has typical Zagato touches with sports seats, head rests and recessed instruments. It was built on a shortened “Duetto” chassis, power was by the proven twin cam 1.3-liter engine and 5 speed syncro mesh transmission. Only 1108 examples were built.

Description: Take a beautifully restored Alfa Romeo Zagato and then send it to Marque Experts “Alfaholics” in the U.K. for the best GTA-R Series updates. Automotive journalist and driver Chris Harris said “Alfaholics” is to Alfa Romeo what Singer is to Porsche.

For full list of mods, please inquire. The GTA-R spec upgrades alone are an approximate $150,000 cost. Plus the cost of a restored JR. Zagato, which is over $100,000 to start with. Turning this Alfa Romeo into a stunning sportscar. With its light 2000lb weight and 220bhp 2.1-liter fuel injected engine and upgraded suspension, it will outperform many modern sports cars.

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