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See Comments such as these for my">
"Wow, I love the history the seller explained about the details and origin of the ALFA SOHC Motor. The engineering of this car is impressive and the story that goes with it would make any car lover proud to own.
This car is an ideal bridge that connects sports cars and hot rods in any collection. I hope those who love both will recognize this unique opportunity."
"I love it. When the “what engine is in what car” issue finally comes before the Supreme Court this hot rod will be exhibit “A”. Hot rodders from coast to coast will rejoice in a great victory and hold their heads high knowing they were right all along. Good luck all."
"I am not a hot-rod type of a guy — but this car is impressive. How did the tri-power Holley/Ford 94 induction get fitted to the Alfa 2.5 motor? That’s pretty impressive. The Alfa 2.5 V6 motors sound amazing too — this really blows my mind. "
"This is an interesting build, unique, well done, tasteful. Zipper bodied hot rods have been around for a number of years and have a faithful following. I just read the other day that one of the creators has passed away recently, a real loss to the hobby."
"I saw it at Greenwich Concours show. There was a crowd around the car most of the day."
"What a great build – it hits the sweet spot between Italian sports c

Click any photo to see slide show of photos.