February 19 (2023) (Sun) – Desert ALFAs (Coachella Valley) – Annual Meeting & Silent Auction, Cathedral City, CA, 9 AM – Noon

February 19 (2023) (Sun) – Desert ALFAs (Coachella Valley) – Annual Meeting & Silent Auction, Cathedral City, CA, 9 AM – Noon. Contact Gordy Hyde at president@desertalfas.org or 425-41-9307 for details.

Join us for our annual meeting with recap of 2021/2022 season’s activities, ideas for 2022/2023 events, and election of officers.

Attendance is not mandatory but beware of elections if you are not present! Check www.desertalfas.org for updates.

We will be gathering about 9 AM at the Hyde/Samson storage facility on Perez Road in Cathedral City for coffee, pastries, fruit, etc. (Detailed directions will be included in a future mailing.)

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting, we will be holding a Silent Auction. Our already somewhat meager treasury took an unexpected hit in 2022 and in order to continue operating “in the black” we decided some infusion of funds was necessary.

You may ask, “How can I contribute?” Some suggestions follow:

* An (ALFA-related) art piece you may have constructed or come into ownership of, which you no longer treasure.
* A book you have read and enjoyed that you think might be of interest to other Alfisti.
* Tickets to an event that you have since discovered you are unable to attend.
* Inviting friends to enjoy a home-prepared Italian dinner at your home.
*Perhaps a “specialty of the house”, some food or beverage made in-house.
* A bottle (or two!!) of (Italian!) wine.
* A collection of goodies that would make a great home-prepared (Italian) dinner.
* A gift certificate or discount coupon for a service you or somebody you know can provide to the winning bidder.
* An overnight or two stay at your second/vacation home.
** The possibilities actually are endless.

While this is not intended to be an invitation to a catch-all “Garage Sale”, think of it as an opportunity to move some Alfa (or other) treasures from your house to somebody’s who would truly appreciate them. At the same time, YOU have the chance to purchase items that you would enjoy. AND importantly, both donating and/or winning a bid benefit your DesertALFAs.

Please call or e-mail Gordy Hyde if you would like more details of how to donate to the Silent Auction.