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2017 Giulia Spare Tire/Wheel ?

Bill Unger
registered 2014-02-02
Mid Florida *

I did not even think of asking about a spare tire/wheel when shopping for a new Giulia, assuming that there was at least a "space saver". What a surprise when I got home and lifted up the trunk floor cover only to find a styrofoam filler with just a tow hook!

Has anyone found a source for a space saver tire/wheel that will fit the Giulia's PCD 5x110 lug pattern and hub center bore 65.1mm? I figure that I could put one in the trunk at least for long interstate road trips.

Otherwise, I feel totally vunerable to chance. Yes, the car has "run flats", but they are no good when the sidewalls are ripped apart due to welding rods, errant tools from open-back pickups, pot holes, and all sorts of other road hazards. The thought of requiring a flat bed to a podunk town with no service facility open in the middle of the night, Sunday, or holiday is not something I want to face. Or missing a flight, business engagement, etc.

What are these Manufacturers thinking?

2017 Giulia Spare Tire/Wheel ?

Alfisto Steve
registered 2008-09-06
Mid Atlantic AROC *

Bill, See this Stelvio spare tire option for your Giulia:


Alfisto Steve

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