June 6-16 (2022) (Mon-Thu) – AROC National – 4th Annual AROC Goes to Italy Tour

June 6-16 (Mon-Thu) – AROC National – 4th Annual AROC Goes to Italy Tour. Contact the AROC Admin at admin@aroc-usa.org or 971-254-6660 for details.


The June 2022 trip sign-up sheet is now available – note the change of dates due to the change of the Mille Miglia dates. Get your names on that list by emailing admin@aroc-usa.org.

As with the past three excursions, we’ll begin in northern Italy, visit significant automobile collections and walk among the creations of the world’s giants of art and design. We’ll travel the scenic and historic roads of this most wonderful part of the world and absorb the best of Italian food and culture.

We will visit Brescia for the “Partenza” of the Mille Miglia cars. We plan to visit Lamborghini and Ducati factories and museums, the Panini and Righini private collections, the Lambretta Museum, and of course spend a full day at Alfa Romeo!

This trip will again be organized in collaboration with our favorite travel partner, Steve Austin’s Great Vacations.

Click here to view the AROC Goes to Italy Tour #4 itinerary.