June 11 (2023) (Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – AROO Cup Rally #4 at Wilsonville, OR

June 11 (Sunday) – AROO (Oregon) – AROO Cup Rally #4, meet at 9 AM at French Prairie Rest Area back parking lot, I-5 Southbound, south of Wilsonville, OR. Contact Paul Eklund at paul.eklund@alfaclub.org,
pre-registration is required.

We are requiring PRE-REGISTRATION via email (either the link on the AROO website under ACTIVITIES or reply to this email or email directly to: paul.eklund@alfaclub.org) and we will EMAIL you the ROUTE INSTRUCTIONS, the WAIVER and a CAR NUMBER to PRINT and bring to the start. We will keep the DRIVER’S MEETING at 9:45 short and socially distanced.

To stay safe, we ask that you bring your payment in exact change (that’s $20cash or a CHECK for $20 made out to “AROO”) and drop in the payment box. There will be a separate no-contact box for the SIGNED waivers. We will have painter’s tape to affix your CAR NUMBER in the upper right corner of the windshield on the INSIDE (passenger side), but you may wish to do that cleanly at home with scotch tape before arriving. Also consider PRINTING the rally rules from the website before you come as well.

To pre-register, please email your name and team mate name and cell phone # and car model and color (if known). Also let us know if you are running VINTAGE CLASS (SOP and pencil and paper only, no GPS, calculators, apps or AVG Speed use) or STANDARD CLASS (Curta or 4-function calculators and tables allowed, using STOCK odo).

There will be an optional formal gathering afterwards, usually at a restaurant with outdoor seating or socially spaced.

TIME ALLOWANCES (Time Dec’s) are allowed, and encouraged if you get behind or delayed (to avoid dangerous speeding). You submit them by TEXTING to me, your NAME, CAR #, where the TIME DEC starts and ends (miles or instruction numbers), and how much time you are declaring (30 seconds or 1.5 minutes or 2.5 minutes, etc up to 9.5 minutes). All checkpoints will be PASSAGE CONTROLS (as usual) just honk and wave as you pass!

Start point: French Prairie Rest Area Southbound 9 AM with 9:45 Driver’s Meeting and 10:01 AM First Car Out on Sunday, June 11.