June 23-25 (2023) (Fri-Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – Annual Summer Tour to Hurricane Ridge, Yakima and Condon

June 23-25 (Fri-Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – Annual Summer Tour to Hurricane Ridge, Yakima & Condon. Contact Tom McGirr at tomsredalfa@gmail.com or 503-983-3656.

JUNE 23-24-25, 2023 (Fri-Sat-Sun)

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The summer 3-day tour will take place on June 23-25 in hopes of avoiding another summer of forest fires. The tour will start in from Salem’s Riverfront Park at 8 AM but Portland area folks can join us Lewis and Clark Park off I-84 at 9 AM.

Day 1 has us going up to Windy Ridge at St. Helens to see how the area has changed since the big blast in 1980. Paula and I hiked around St. Spirit Lake the summer of 1979 and we vividly remember the view from Windy Ridge of the old lodge sitting between the mountain and the lake. We visited Windy Ridge as soon as the area reopened and were in blown away by the total destruction. Bring a sack lunch as we will picnic at Windy Ridge.

From there we head into Yakima for our first night’s stay. You can make reservations at Comfort Inn and Suites c/o 509-249-1900.

Day 2 will feature a lot of fast and twisty roads to Condon. We will stop at a restaurant in Pendleton for lunch. Once again we will stay at the Condon Hotel. I have done a room block for the entire hotel (18 rooms). I am working on getting a dinner catered to the hotel. Reservation # 541-384-4624. You may have to leave a message and follow on your reservation as they are not real prompt in responding. If they are full, you can call the Condon MOTEL. It is not fancy was reported as being clean. NOTE: Room block at Condon EXPIRES May 1.

Day 3 will include an informal route back to Salem. Optional late lunch at Giovanni’s Mountain Pizza in Mill City (homemade pizza dough, great pizza and calzone).

I would recommend making your reservations sooner than later. Please let me know if you are coming as I need to arrange for dinner in Yakima and work with the caterer in Condon.

Tom McGirr