October 1-4 (2020) (Thu-Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – Alfa Wannabe Tour of Oregon: East, South and Coast

October 1-4 (Thu-Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – Alfa Wannabe Tour of Oregon: East, South and Coast. Contact Tom McGirr at tomsredalfa@gmail.com or 503-983-3656.

Click here for printable tour information and outline.

Due to the cancelation of the fully-booked Canadian Alfa Wannabe Tour,
scheduled for June 20-27, 2020, Tom has added a casual Alfa Wannabe tour:

October 1-4 in which AROO members are welcome to join, but with the
caveat that the touring pace will be faster than some are accustomed to
driving (this is your warning!)

Day 1 (Thu) – Sandy to John Day, stay at Dreamers in John Day.

Day 2 (Fri) – Next to Ashland via Burns, Lakeview and stay at Holiday Inn
with dinner at Caldera Brewery in Ashland.

Day 3 (Sat) – Next to Gold Beach via Williams and Redwood Hwy staying at
Best Western in Gold Beach.

Day 4 (Sun) – Home to Salem/Portland today.

This will be a very casual tour as folks will make their own hotel
arrangements, pay for own food, etc.

We do not want to enter into lodging contracts with the turmoil of the
coronavirus, so you must make your own lodging arrangements.

We already have a good-sized group signed up for that tour, so we may
split up for dinner restaurants if there are still restrictions or resort to
takeout and eat in our own rooms.

We know that folks just want to get out and drive!