October 15-16 (2022) (Sat-Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – Annual Fall Tour to Bend, OR

October 15-16 (Sat-Sun) – AROO (Oregon) – Annual Fall Tour to Bend, OR. Contact Tom McGirr at tomsredalfa@gmail.com or 503-983-3656.

Salem to Central Oregon
October 15-16

The Fall tour is heading to Bend. We should have some nice fall colors and hopefully the weather will still be dry!

Day One, Saturday, will take us from Salem through country roads to Lebanon, then on Hwy 20 to Santiam Junction, then south to Sahalie Falls. After a break, we enjoy the Old McKenzie Hwy. We arrive in Bend mid-afternoon at Mt. Batchelor Village. An Italian themed dinner is planned.

Day Two, Sunday, we will drive the Cascades Scenic Highway past Mt. Batchelor and the Three Sisters, then head West on Hwy 58 with a stop at Salt Creek Falls and finish the tour in Brownsville at the local Brownsville Saloon for lunch. If open, you are encouraged to visit the Brownsville Museum. It is a real gem and worth a look-see!

Our suggested lodging is at Mt. Batchelor Village. If you go online, you can check out a wide range of condo units at a wide range of prices. There will be no room block, so you need to make your own reservations now, then cancel later if you can not come.

Visit https://www.mtbachelorvillage.com, their phone: 888-752-2220. There are lots of other lodging opportunities in Bend if the Village is full.

PLEASE SEND TOM MCGIRR AN RSVP E-MAIL ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR LODGING RESERVATIONS. I need to make dinner reserations which will be a challenge for a large group.

Please RSVP to Tom at tomsredalfa@gmail.com
Call Tom at 503-362-8597 with your questions.