Chip Denyko


Chip Denyko 2020 Bio Photo v1

Tampa, Florida 33635

(813) 814-7887


I have been in love with Alfa Romeo since the tender age of 11. I joined the Florida Alfa Club in 1993 and began participating in the chapter.
My first convention was 1995 Atlanta. I was nominated the following year for a board position, and later filled a vacancy being filled in 1997. I served for 13 years on the board, serving as Secretary, Vice President and President. In 2010, my partner and I began a home project which pulled me away from external activity for a few years. A few health issues arose for me, and I lost my partner of 38 years. Now I’ve resettled my life, and rejoined club activities, serving in officer capacity, web site migration, and enjoying my Alfa’s again.