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The AROC Alfa Romeo source for parts and service manuals are available for purchase. The manuals are collected and maintained by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club-USA for use by Alfa owners around the world. Paper copies of original manuals may be ordered for a fee to cover the costs of copies, shipping and handling. If you prefer an electronic version, manuals in pdf format are available.

AROC-USA also offers SPICA & Bosch Manuals which consist of compilations of materials for the respective fuel injection systems gathered from numerous sources, including the Alfa Owner and local AROC chapters.

SPICA Manuals are now available in the AROC Tech Library.
Bosch Manuals are currently out of stock with no date set for return.

If you own a manual that you do not see on any of the manuals lists, the Tech Library would be very interested in obtaining a copy/scan of it. The Tech Librarian would be happy to scan the manual and then return the manual you sent along with a copy of the scan. Please contact the Tech Librarian for details. Thank you.

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