Now that we have a larger portion of the AROC membership engaged in National level activities it has come to our attention that many of you are not receiving or not finding the emails sent out by SurveyMonkey that contain the link for you to be able to vote on the Concorso Virtuale Italiano Dell’automobile 2020 Virtual not a concours car show. If you are not now receiving the SurveyMonkey emails do not panic. You can do the Safe Sender thing in the next day or two and afterwards receive a reminder. There will be reminders sent on Monday June 29, Thursday July 2, Saturday July 4, and the last one on the last day for voting, Monday, July 6.

For many of you, not finding a SurveyMonkey email means it is in your Junk or Spam folder. First step is to look there. The email you are looking for should be this or something similar – via SurveyMonkey

If you do not find the SurveyMonkey email anywhere in your mailbox, that means your email software or ISP is blocking the SurveyMonkey email. To overcome that filter, you need to add SurveyMonkey to your Whitelist, your Safe Sender list, or the Never Block this Domain list, the name depends upon your email software.

In Outlook the Never Block Domain is in the Junk menu choice. In Office 365 it is in the Rules choice, see link for method – Whitelist for Office 365.

Below is a list of all the domains that might be sending SurveyMonkey emails. I have listed the one the Concorso email was sent through first, but based on past SurveyMonkey emails over the years that is not guaranteed, so I suggest you add them all if you are not getting SurveyMonkey emails. The format of how you add them should be described in your email software. In some cases an ”@” sign may be needed in front. or

* or
– this line may work vs entering all the lines below.