David Welch


David Welch

Washington, DC 20043



My parents purchased a 1960 Giulietta Spider during my teens. Eventually I purchased it but sold it due to its impracticality in Indiana winters—a regret! In 2005 I purchased a near duplicate which led me to AROC. I attended the 2014 Detroit AROC Convention enjoying Alfisti camaraderie and my wife Peggy and I enjoy participating in conventions, mid-year retreats and the AROC Italy tour. I belong to the D.C. Capital Club, Tennessee and Indiana clubs, where I work, vacation and will retire. These are exciting times with new club opportunities in light of the return of Alfa Romeo vehicles into the market. Let’s continue our traditional national AROC activities which attracts members’ participation, but address prospective challenges engaging younger members and owners. We can work together to plan for the long-term interests of our club.